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Our environment is under enormous threat and the effects of climate change can be felt everywhere. We are witnessing global warming at an alarming rate and the number of extreme weather events such as earthquakes and floods has been rapidly increasing. Droughts are persisting and some islands are becoming submerged and will disappear in the future. SEED works to educate people on the threats facing the environment and advocates for policy measures to protect and reduce environmental damage. SEED buys endangered land and helps to restore it to its previous state where possible or reducing the inflicted damage. We also conduct field research to better understand the environment and participate in conservation efforts. We jointly collaborate with governments and other institutions to formulate environmentally friendly policies. Our conservation efforts have helped to save hundred of acres of lands that faced severe erosion. These lands have now been restored and are a part of a thriving ecosystem. We will continue to put more effort and save even more fragile ecosystems.


We believe that all children should have access to quality and affordable education. In many developing countries quality education is reserved for the wealthy a trend that keeps the status quo in place and does not improve the economic situation of many people. We support projects that offer education to children from different backgrounds and improve their socio-economic standing. All girls and boys have a right to receive a quality education which goes hand in hand with poverty alleviation. An educated demographic will have numerous employment opportunities and be able to escape the vicious poverty cycle. SEED supports projects both in and outside of Germany that promotes high quality education to children and ensures that their future is filled with opportunities. Equal access to education is important in reducing child marriages and promoting gender equality as girls will have an opportunity to improve their quality of life. The next step of our aim is to built a digitalize society (IT network) and educate people for the development of the country in economy field.


A democratic society where people of all backgrounds live harmoniously together is a major objective of SEED. We seek to promote societies that respect human rights and where people from different countries work together to improve the world and themselves. We strive to create a society where freedom of speech is accepted and encouraged.A peaceful coexistence encourages development growth and cooperation which benefits humanity instead of just a few nations. Peaceful societies are key to a sustainable future filled with unlimited potential. An educated and empowered society will push for sustainable policies that benefit all.They will have a clear understanding of the environment and promote policies that are aligned with their interests.SEED promotes policies that reduces social conflicts and promotes human rights and cooperation between countries. We initiate dialogue among different groups of people on the best ways to foster cooperation and enforce human rights.

In pursuit of this mission members work actively to:

“Education is now the number one economic priority in today’s global economy.”