November 23, 2018

What does the future look like?

Looking ahead to future for charity event organisers to continue to succeed, we have identified three main themes; optimisation and diversification of events, a focus on high growth and activities in education, in society and in environment. These themes are all underpinned by unique projects. It is not only important for nonprofit leaders to identify where their financial support comes from, but they also need to work hard at finding ways to retain their donations. Technology will play a key role in both areas:enabling nonprofits to be more effective and providing the tools to build powerful relationships in order to retain donors while maximizing their contributions over time.    Understanding what the nonprofit community represents, we have to  discussion about the sector and how it is changing in the future and subtle ways as it continues to grow and expand. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations, and they all are impacted by new regulations and demands, by the economic landscape both globally and locally, by technology and all its seemingly endless capabilities, by its maturing leadership, by its changing demographics
November 23, 2018

How will our Foundation evolve?

Want to get an insight into how the event fundraising landscape is going to change and evolve in the future? The best way is to look at the trends of the past year. Seed have teamed up to bring you the latest report on the event fundraising landscape in the organization. A combination fundraising data with vast and registration data has allowed us to dive into the detail of the existing event landscape and emerging event trends. The participants of the event represent new unique projects with development of the organization based on education,society and environment. This field are going to be important for our generation. Another difference between nonprofit organizations is their membership.They take main role in organization. Nonprofits have volunteers or employees who do not receive any money from the organization’s fundraising efforts. Good mission statements should be clear, memorable, concise. Our aim is to add “inspirational” to this list of the organization. Our nonprofits, large and small, we adopt an innovative, new approach and best practices that will enable us to continue to thrive.
November 8, 2018

Why You Should Support Sustainability?

We hear it all the time sustainability this and that but what does it really mean?To put it simply Sustainability is using natural resources in ways that allow us to conduct our activities without harming the environment.It is economic development that is not accompanied by environmental degradation but by conservation. You produce energy without harming the environment. Of course not all sustainable practices are foul proof but they are better than our business as usual models. Supporting sustainability is good for the economy. Yes, gas and oil are cheap but they won’t last forever. Solar and wind are given to us by nature for free and we can harness their energy. Billions of subsidies are given by the government to oil and gas companies that should go to clean energy instead.Governments offer little to no subsidies towards clean energy but miraculously finds billions of euros to offer the oil and gas industry.We need clean energy technologies because oil and gas will run out in 50 to 60 years, we will still have the sun and wind with us.Energy is the driving force of civilisations and we need to support clean energy for the sake of our future. Our children are […]
April 8, 2018

The Time Is Now !

Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years but it is now facing one of its biggest ever threats. All around the world children lack access to quality education, the environment is degraded and wars are raging.Our actions are what has led us to this point and it is our actions that will reverse it. The situation seems bleak but it doesn’t have to be that way, If we all work together the worst can be averted. Making a change is taking little steps everyday that add up to big steps that complete the puzzle. By donating to our various causes you take a small step that has a big impact on the world.Donating just a euro allows us to buy a book that gives a child knowledge. Knowledge is power and the child has escaped the vicious poverty cycle.We all have to play our part in making the world a better place for the current and future generations. We all must make a change now before it is too late.You can start by making simple changes such as supporting your local foundation and becoming an active member of your community. As citizens we must elect leaders that believe in […]

“May your charity increase as much as your wealth”