About Us

Who We Are

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
                                  — Winston Churchill

The center for the environment and Society,known as SEED was established to educate and accelerate efforts to protect the environment and improve the lives of people around the world. We are a non profit organisation founded by members who are passionate about the world and seek to improve it. We believe change begins with understanding the root of the problems and working our way to coming up with solutions to solve them. A better world is possible if we all play our part.creating a sustainable world where we live in harmony with nature and we all have equal access to education is the core of our mission. We strive to push this goal forward everyday and hope that someday it will be accepted by all.

We have a responsibility to all our stakeholders to operate at the highest ethical standards. We will keep the public informed on all our projects and always adhere to strict ethical standards. Our responsibility is to our stakeholders that allow our goals to be achieved. We will use the donations we receive to achieve the foundation’s goals and we will publish a financial report to keep our donors aware of what we do with their donations. Transparency is a key component in all our projects and we have strict ethical standards for our employees and operations. Our operations manual is our guide in ensuring that we operate ethically in all countries and follow the required laws and regulations. We have an anonymous whistle blowing system that allow our members and the general public to alert the organisation management and the government on any suspicious activities conducted by SEED.

What We Do

""Charity sees the need, not the cause."”
                                                    — German proverb

Our Team

We are made up of passionate individuals who have banded together to help make the world a better place. We are a rejuvenated and enthusiastic bunch whose goals are unwavering. Our commitment to our goals is what motivates us and pushes us to reach for the sky. Our team spirit is one of our main assets and a leading factor for our success. We are made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who have come together to create something that is truly special.We seek to inspire and encourage people of all ages to take actions to create a better world for the current and future generation. Every member of our team works relentlessly to achieve the goals of our foundation and make a better world a reality. SEED is made up of over 200 members from all walks of life. We refer to our members as seedlings because their contributions regardless of how small they are grow to big changes that impact our environment.

"The Seed is committed to promoting philosophy of education in a climate of inclusion, tolerance and respect for diversity."