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From the seed to a mighty tree.

In view of the global scale of environmental damage, of anal dying and cultural conflicts, the Center for the Environment and Society "SEED" sprouts up to deal with problems of environmental protection, education and society that usually go hand in hand. SEED is a non-profit association founded by experts in various fields.

Our foundation stones:

Environment: We take care of global warming, resource wastage and conservation. We acquire and manage vulnerable lands, carry out fieldwork, lobbying government organizations, and provide public information material to increase awareness of environmental issues. We want to monitor the environment, evaluate developments, and then find the best solution to any problems and help the environment recover. A healthy environment also means healthy people and healthy people will ensure long-term success even if we have already left the country long ago.

Education: Illiteracy can mean a life of poverty and lack of health care. As there is rarely a way out of this vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy, we work nationally and internationally to make education compulsory and free for all children. Free education is a cornerstone that must be laid so that people can help themselves and thus ensures the long-term success of our projects. With our training in the field of environment and IT solutions, we offer a way of getting away from poverty and health problems.

Society: We try to move public opinion towards democratic values, human rights, economic, legal and social reforms. Our initiatives span a wide range of actions that promote open and liberal societies. It is our vision that one day all people will enjoy the human rights of the UN. It is of utmost importance for us to form, nurture and strengthen international contacts, to reduce social conflicts and to find a way for the social coexistence of different cultures, and to ensure their cooperation for their own and the good of society.