Why You Should Support Sustainability?

The Time Is Now !
April 8, 2018
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November 23, 2018
We hear it all the time sustainability this and that but what does it really mean?To put it simply Sustainability is using natural resources in ways that allow us to conduct our activities without harming the environment.It is economic development that is not accompanied by environmental degradation but by conservation. You produce energy without harming the environment. Of course not all sustainable practices are foul proof but they are better than our business as usual models.

Supporting sustainability is good for the economy. Yes, gas and oil are cheap but they won’t last forever. Solar and wind are given to us by nature for free and we can harness their energy. Billions of subsidies are given by the government to oil and gas companies that should go to clean energy instead.Governments offer little to no subsidies towards clean energy but miraculously finds billions of euros to offer the oil and gas industry.We need clean energy technologies because oil and gas will run out in 50 to 60 years, we will still have the sun and wind with us.Energy is the driving force of civilisations and we need to support clean energy for the sake of our future.

Our children are inheriting a world that is overpopulated and running out of natural resources. Adopting sustainable methods such as sustainable farming allows us to grow food without harming the already fragile environment. The agricultural industry is extremely polluting with strong pesticides and other chemicals being used for food production.Sustainable farming allows us to grow nutritious food without using harsh chemicals that are harmful for our body and the environment.

Adopting sustainability methods is extremely simple and beneficial for our world. It is important to think of the future generations as we are living in an increasingly overpopulated world.We simply cannot go on with our way of living.Sustainability methods are needed to give us a chance to save our dying planet!