A world where all children have access to quality and affordable education is possible. A world where we work to conserve the environment is possible. A world where our society is one with nature and makes decisions for the benefit of the present and future generations is possible.

Our Values

Tirelessly work to educate people on the importance of sustainability.
Promote equal access of quality education to children worldwide.
Cultivate cooperation among different members of society with emphasis on human rights and conflict resolution.
Empowering people with the right economic and technical knowledge to make informed decisions.

Our Mission

Accelerating the adoption of sustainable principles for a better world.We cultivate the adoption of quality education for children around the world and enlighten the population on environmental issues. We are committed to creating a burgeoning ecosystem and the endorsement of human rights principles by countries to champion cooperation and peaceful conflict resolutions.

Our Vision

To facilitate the worldwide adoption of sustainable practices for the good of mankind. We will make sure that children from different backgrounds have access to quality education and eliminate illiteracy. We will educate the public and enable them to make informed decisions on policies that protect the environment.We will take actions to prevent and reduce environmental damage.

Our Foundation Stone

As a foundation we are guided by three principles which allow us to reach our objective of a sustainable world.Our guiding principles allow us to have a proper pathway of achieving our goals and we strive to zealously implement them.They are the cornerstone of our foundation.Our focus areas are education,the environment and society.

Why Support Us

As the environmental and society organisation, the role of SEED is to facilitate and implement activities with Members and partners to achieve the target goal. The aim of the projects which support to our organisation is to make education for socially disadvantaged children and young people accessible for sustainable development and to make them more visible as a target group for offers.
The objectives of the organisation include the methodological and spiritual support of Central and Eastern European organizations in the field of environmental education combined with the join implementation of international activities,that are focus on nature, culture, history, and education. Through our innovative programs children build the skills and confidence, to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Our priorities

☑ Ensure children have access to quality and affordable education.

☑ Promote environmental sustainability.

☑ Foster an integrated society with respect to diversity and human rights.

☑ We are committed to preserving our natural livelihoods and sustainable economic practices as well as social justice and cultural diversity.

☑ We work on cognitive, emotional and implementation-oriented learning levels.

☑ Quality development is an integral part of our work.

☑ Building confidence society and creating opportunities for a brighter future.

"We will not have a society if we destroy the environment."

                                                                                      — Margaret Mead